John Lessick
Business Owner, Apex Wood Floors

“I’ve worked with other coaches and consultants and what Michelle brings to the table that’s different, is that she listens well, she doesn’t talk over people, and she brings a high-level of empathy, intuition, and candor to the situation. She is able to interpret and play back information without being robotic and prescriptive resulting in definable deliverable in a straightforward manner. Michelle started out in a coaching role with one of my sales reps and over time, the engagement has morphed into training and procedure / process development.”

Penny Mattix
Director Learning and Development, Talent Management, Transdev US

“I’ve worked with Michelle for over 5 years related to Instructional Design and Facilitation projects. She brings a unique approach using both a designer and facilitator perspective with the end result being training that is well designed as well as easy to deliver. She helped us develop a Management Training workshop series which enabled our Corporate Trainers and Regional HR Directors to have 1-hour, custom, management topics to deliver to the field of Transportation Managers and Supervisors. She also facilitated a customer service program at several sites throughout the US. Michelle brings a strong listening approach to every engagement. She also brings creative ideas to the table offering suggestions without being pushy. She is very energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable in every aspect of the work. If you’re looking for someone who’s talented in Learning and Development as a whole, Michelle is your go-to person.”

Craig Beggs
Director Internal Audit, Stryker Medical Devices

“Michelle worked with me to obtain and transition to an executive position as a Finance Director. She took the time to establish a foundation, grow the relationship and tailor the coaching approach throughout the engagement. I went into C-suite meetings prepared and able to communicate a clear strategy of the new position. We put together a 90-day onboarding plan that provided a roadmap of expectations, clear objectives and desired outcomes. Michelle utilized a pragmatic, invested and results-driven approach which I greatly appreciated throughout the coaching process. If you’re looking for someone to help you grow, advance, and develop into a high-level position, Michelle can help you get there. She cares about you as an individual, not just another client.”

Skyler Phillips
Quality Assurance Engineer, MJ Electric Corporation

“Coach Michelle is energetic, positive and available. She helped me to identify “stickies”, the most important information to grasp and make it stick in my mind and the minds of other people. She looks at things from a different perspective and helped me to take emotions out of the equation so that I could focus on the desired outcomes. Based on the project that we worked on, the project is still in practice today and company-wide statistics in the safety arena is better than it’s ever been.”

Lisa Konarski
Director Prevention Services, Schools Insurance Authority

“Michelle is open to ideas and provides organizational direction as it relates to my work and my team. I’ve attended a few Leadership Development sessions with Michelle and she is a great guide, sets expectations, and gives participants an opportunity to figure out what we need and how best to apply the content. I know the material that she gives us is practical, useful, and can be can applied immediately. Michelle has helped build my confidence in leading my team. It is a pleasure to work with Michelle.”

Michele Mariscal
Prevention Services Specialist, Schools Insurance Authority

“Michelle’s skill and expertise in both Instructional Design and Facilitation gives her an edge in being able to develop and deliver training that hits the mark with the audience. In a short period of time, Michelle helped us conduct a needs analysis and build a robust and comprehensive Leadership Competency Model that serves as the foundation for our Leadership Academy. We use that model as a guide when selecting Leadership Development offerings for members in the Education Industry. I look forward to working with Michelle in the future by collaborating and providing more outstanding Professional Development offerings to our constituents. In the classroom, Michelle creates an inviting, engaging and safe place to practice, learn and apply the content in real-world situations.”