Instructional Design

Making sense out of content in easy-to-digest bites and converting learning to application.

What is instructional design? It’s a proven process for creating training for the right people, at the right time, using the right methods, resulting in changed behavior and measurable results.

As a business owner or CEO, your employees are your greatest asset. Investing in quality education and training helps to engage and retain your best. Instructional design allows you to implement customized programs to meet your current needs, challenges, and goals.

In general, it helps bridge the gap between where your employees currently are, and achieving their full potential.

Raising the Bar focuses on professional skill development from communication, conflict resolution, customer service, sales, and everything in between.

Do These Resonate With You?



Are You Losing Good Employees?

The number one reason why employees leave relates to lack of growth and development opportunities. Employees are left to fend for themselves in terms of training and development opportunities which doesn’t work. Plus – what about the exit of retirees? How are you filling the void losing precious intellectual capital and experience?

Employees Need To Be Trained And Nurtured!

Staff development doesn’t happen by osmosis. As a leader, you need to be diligent and intentional by ensuring employees are trained and developed to perform at their best. In addition, what are you doing to hold employees accountable, ensuring that the training sticks and their behavior changes? It’s an on-going effort that should not be missed. With a proven Instructional Design process, RTB separates the nice-to-know from need-to-know with key takeaways, summaries, and visual infographics.

Are Your Teams Aligned With Your Objectives?

Teams today are individuals loosely identified as team members on the organization chart. In today’s environment, isolation, virtual work environment, lack of communication and direction impacts the workforce more than ever before.

Roles And Expectations Need To Be Defined and Explained!

Setting, managing and communicating expectations is by far the most important aspect of ensuring that employees are on the same page and working to meet and exceed those expectations. RTB works with leaders and employees to ensure that training is aligned with performance requirements. Specific and concise learning objectives are imbedded into all training offerings.

Is Cookie Cutter Training Falling Short?

One size training does NOT fit all. Employees are receiving training at best via Zoom sessions, e-learning, or pulling off stuff from the internet in bits and bytes. Off-the-shelf training falls short in ensuring that knowledge and skill-based training impacts overall work performance.

Custom Training Speaks Your Language To Your People!

Customized / targeted training to meet a specific knowledge or skill gap is key in the training world today. People don’t have the time nor the energy to listen to “talking heads” droning on and on about pie-in-the-sky content in a webinar or zoom session.

RTB takes a laser-focus, custom approach to training design with relevant topics that coincide with their work. Employees have the opportunity to learn by doing, sharing knowledge and ideas with each other in an interactive, fun and engaging environment.

How we work – 5 easy steps:

Regardless of the scope of work, RTB utilizes a 5-step process that produce results.

1) Understand Your Needs and Wants

RTB asks probing questions, listens intently with a knowledge / experience-based response that addresses your specific challenge and/or situation.

2) Develop a Plan of Action

RTB partners with you to creating a customized development and improvement plan that targets specific and measurable outcomes.

3) Deliver Services

Based on the scope of work, RTB works diligently and continuously to exceed desired outcomes on time and within budget.

4) Measure Effectiveness

The work we do is iterative and process-driven. Throughout the engagement, RTB collects feedback and pivots as needed to address challenges and changes that surface along the way.

5) Track Results

Results are determined by you and not always in a quantifiable fashion. In addition, RTB delivers qualifiable results that is reflected in behavior or cultural shifts. The main thing is the main thing – that you see and measure results that matter to you and your business and not always by a hard number.

Success Story

A large chemical company hired Raising the Bar to develop mini-modules for managers that they could complete in an hour using their on-line learning platform. A total of 18 modules were developed and delivered to the client. The content included self-assessments, tools, techniques, and practical application. Topics were divided into 4 categories and was called the Table of Good Management. Managers were able to access this material on-demand and have tools and techniques at their fingertips, whenever they wanted.