Live & Online Meeting Facilitation

When you invest in training, the end result is deeply tied to the instructor’s delivery and the method it is taught.

In the world of “Pandemania”, one major pivot point represents Virtual vs. Live Facilitation. It’s one thing to be a GREAT facilitator in live sessions and it’s a whole different level of facilitation in a virtual world. RTB has the skill, experience and the drive to be successful in both arenas. The key to great facilitation is to know your audience, pose effective and thought-provoking questions while assisting the learner in taking ownership of their thoughts, beliefs and actions. This is what RTB is GREAT at and so much more than a good presenter.

Do These Resonate With You?



Are Your Employees Suffering From Zoom Fatigue?

So much communication is and meetings are occurring via Zoom. It’s a known fact that Zoom Fatigue is happening and impacting employee productivity.

With this in mind, virtual training is becoming much more popular than ever before, especially from a classroom environment. You need to keep your employees engaged and accountable for using the knowledge and skill that they are being trained on.

Training Needs To Be Interactive To Be Effective!

The name of the current Training Game is to keep the learner engaged and apply the knowledge so that it sticks. This comes with reinforcement, coaching and ongoing learning opportunities, both formal and informal. With a situation-based learning model, the learner comes away with practical, easy-to-use tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately. RTB ensures that training sticks by looking at training as a process and not an event.

Are You Relying On Accidental Trainers To Train Your People?

Oftentimes, Subject Matter Experts become trainers without formal delivery and/or facilitation skills training. They know their stuff and people rely on their knowledge, but to train someone else is whole different story. Many trainers think that if they present their content and read from the slides, learners will receive and retain content. This could not be further from the truth.

Training Your Trainers Helps Your Change Stick The Landing!

Some Subject Matter Experts are not wired to be great trainers to begin with and that’s OK. The most important thing that you can do for accidental trainers is to provide them with a robust train-the-trainer program that focuses on a combination of presentation and facilitation skills. There is a definite art to facilitation with the ability to lead learners through a process that engages their minds that result in taking action.

RTB delivers a robust and intensive Train-the-trainer program that enables the trainer to become a proficient and effective facilitator in a virtual or live setting.

Are Your Training Programs Slipping Or Sticking?

Think about training that you’ve attended in the past and how much did you retain. You’re lucky if you retain 10 percent. The phrase – Use it or Lose it applies here. Training is notoriously known for a short-term solution to a performance problem.

Success Requires Follow-Up Coaching and Reinforcement!

Effective training comes with coaching and follow-up sessions to reinforce the learning so that behavior change and skill development happens. RTB includes a systematic approach to ensuring that the training process includes before, during, and after activities that support the learning and skill transfer process. Coaching and feedback is a big component to effective training. Finally, an accountability component is part of the training package.

How we work – 5 easy steps:

Regardless of the scope of work, RTB utilizes a 5-step process that produce results.

1) Understand Your Needs and Wants

RTB asks probing questions, listens intently with a knowledge / experience-based response that addresses your specific challenge and/or situation.

2) Develop a Plan of Action

RTB partners with you to creating a customized development and improvement plan that targets specific and measurable outcomes.

3) Deliver Services

Based on the scope of work, RTB works diligently and continuously to exceed desired outcomes on time and within budget.

4) Measure Effectiveness

The work we do is iterative and process-driven. Throughout the engagement, RTB collects feedback and pivots as needed to address challenges and changes that surface along the way.

5) Track Results

Results are determined by you and not always in a quantifiable fashion. In addition, RTB delivers qualifiable results that is reflected in behavior or cultural shifts. The main thing is the main thing – that you see and measure results that matter to you and your business and not always by a hard number.

Success Story

A non-profit organization hired Raising the Bar Services in 2020 to assist their team of 5 trainers to convert their live sessions to virtual. They are subject matter experts in the field of Workplace Health and Wellness. Thus began the journey of virtually running 90-minute workshops and mini-group sessions over a 6-week period to teach them the basics of instructional design, writing effective performance objectives, creating a robust and detailed training outline, developing training materials in the form of power points with few words, visual materials, and excellent, easy-to-use training materials, and practice delivering the session over zoom. In the end, everyone was able to develop and facilitate virtual sessions in 45 – 60-minute increments. The best part of this project is now the trainers are able to lead conversations, facilitate exercises, and drive home actionable takeaways with participants.