Performance Consulting

Raising the Bar takes on work assignments that help you and your team grow individually and together.

What makes performance consulting unique depends on the gap whether it be with process, people, procedures, or systems. RTB takes the necessary approach to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. RTB uses a keep-it-simple method that enables people to buy-in and take ownership of their present and future actions. RTB is known for their, no-nonsense direct approach of identifying the root cause of the problem and work diligently to solve that problem once and for all.

Do These Resonate With You?



Can You Identify Your Blind Spots?

Blind spots come with the territory and can create stagnation if they are not identified and addressed.

You need honest feedback without judgment and ridicule.

For growth to occur, one needs a partner with whom you trust to tell it straight and provide authentic and caring feedback in a safe and transparent environment.

RTB builds trusting relationships that last throughout the engagement and beyond. You can depend on RTB to be your trusted advisor and supporter.

Are You Treating Only Symptoms Or The Root Cause?

When you go to the Doctor, the goal is to diagnose and treat the root cause of the illness, not the symptoms. The same is true in the world of Performance Consulting. Many times, training is the go-to solution to address a performance gap. It can be other gaps that need to be addressed such as: you don’t have the right people on the bus or in the right seat to begin with; there’s a lack of leadership, no procedures or process to follow, poor morale, etc.

You Need To Create A Holistic Treatment Plan!

For any change to stick you need to look beyond the symptom and get to the root cause of the problem.

RTB is able to ask the right questions, tough questions, uncover the root cause and recommend a multi-level solution to close the performance gap once and for all.

RTB walks you through a super simple Change Management model that gives you the tools to recognize where you are, where you want to be and a plan for getting there; even with road blocks and overcoming challenges that surface along the change journey.

Are Your Satisfied With Your Results?

Results are often measured by one factor – revenue. There is more than one measurement criteria that takes into account the qualitative aspect in addition to quantitative (the almighty number).

It Helps To Inspect What You Expect!

Knowing what and how to measure results is the name of the performance improvement game.

RTB provides an Inspection Tool that enables you to evaluate the right things that includes the “what” and the “how”. You will walk away with the ability to separate the forest from the trees and gain perspective on the real situation.

How we work – 5 easy steps:

Regardless of the scope of work, RTB utilizes a 5-step process that produce results.

1) Understand Your Needs and Wants

RTB asks probing questions, listens intently with a knowledge / experience-based response that addresses your specific challenge and/or situation.

2) Develop a Plan of Action

RTB partners with you to creating a customized development and improvement plan that targets specific and measurable outcomes.

3) Deliver Services

Based on the scope of work, RTB works diligently and continuously to exceed desired outcomes on time and within budget.

4) Measure Effectiveness

The work we do is iterative and process-driven. Throughout the engagement, RTB collects feedback and pivots as needed to address challenges and changes that surface along the way.

5) Track Results

Results are determined by you and not always in a quantifiable fashion. In addition, RTB delivers qualifiable results that is reflected in behavior or cultural shifts. The main thing is the main thing – that you see and measure results that matter to you and your business and not always by a hard number.

Success Story

Biotown Seeds is an Indiana-based seed company specializing in seed processing (corn, soybeans and wheat). They came to Raising the Bar for assistance in creating a Standard Operating Procedures for the entire process of taking in, storing, processing and shipping seed to the customer. Over a period of a few months, we worked side-by-side to document all the steps, actions, and quality requirements to ensure that farmers get a quality seed delivered on time every time. Raising the Bar also helped them write an employee manual, performance review forms, and code of conduct standards.