Business Coaching

Helping Leaders and Business Owners successfully embrace and adapt to the NEXT Normal.

AKA – Executive Coaching represents a win-win partnership by having a Guide On Your Side. This relationship is built on trust and respect for one another. The goal of executive coaching is to assist the Business Owner, Executive, Leader in identifying blind spots, growing in areas that impact business decision making as well as being a more effective influencer for your people. RTB brings a systematic, practical, and honest to the core perspective in the form of support, ideas, and feedback that helps you gain traction and become the Leader that you are meant to be.

Do These Resonate With You?



Are You Optimizing Yourself? It’s Lonely At The Top!

Feeling like the “buck” stops with you can be isolating, frustrating, and very lonely.

You Need A Sounding Board that Stays Positive and Optimistic

RTB facilitates one-on-one coaching sessions that tackle hard topics and helps you gain traction and pivot into the NEXT Normal.

RTB learns your business by putting ourselves in your shoes to gain perspective and understanding. From that point forward, we recommend ways to address specific challenges and problems; many times, focusing on the people side of the business.

RTB brings years of experience in a variety of industries and company size (large and small) that taps into knowledge and experience from past engagements. We pay it forward with knowledge, insight and lessons learned based on What NOT to do.

Are You Processing Random Thoughts and Ideas Over and Over Again?

Not having an outside person to bounce ideas off of can be isolating and lonely. Seeing things through your own eyes can also create in inward. myopic view.

Bring Your Ideas To Life!

With effective listening, understanding, an empathetic ear, and viewpoint, you can unlock the LEADERSHIP CODE during tough times with a fresh set of eyes and approach to:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Decision-making
  • Executing Plans

Are You Or Your Business Stuck In A Rut?

Change isn’t easy and for many, resistance to change is the norm. With constant change bombarding us today, it’s imperative for survival that you and your employees embrace change or you will fall further behind.

Get Unstuck with a Clear Roadmap to Success

In order to make change stick, it’s important to have a well thought out, strategic roadmap that gives you specific things you need to do to address problems and get results.

RTB helps clients connect the dots with REAL-WORLD tools and techniques to gain momentum and soar to higher heights on the success path.

How we work – 5 easy steps:

Regardless of the scope of work, RTB utilizes a 5-step process that produce results.

1) Understand Your Needs and Wants

RTB asks probing questions, listens intently with a knowledge / experience-based response that addresses your specific challenge and/or situation.

2) Develop a Plan of Action

RTB partners with you to creating a customized development and improvement plan that targets specific and measurable outcomes.

3) Deliver Services

Based on the scope of work, RTB works diligently and continuously to exceed desired outcomes on time and within budget.

4) Measure Effectiveness

The work we do is iterative and process-driven. Throughout the engagement, RTB collects feedback and pivots as needed to address challenges and changes that surface along the way.

5) Track Results

Results are determined by you and not always in a quantifiable fashion. In addition, RTB delivers qualifiable results that is reflected in behavior or cultural shifts. The main thing is the main thing – that you see and measure results that matter to you and your business and not always by a hard number.

Success Story

Meet Megan (real name changed), she is superstar in a male-dominated, manufacturing company. She participated in a women-in-leadership coaching program and I had the privilege of being her executive coach. In less than a year, Megan was promoted to a new Management Position, she understood the value that she brings to the Leadership Table and Senior Executives actively looked for growth opportunities for her on a continuous basis. She now has the confidence and the courage to take on bigger and better assignments that help the company grow and prosper. She considers herself to be a CHANGE Agent and everywhere she goes, people love working with her and for her.