James Richardson

business owner


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2003 – Present
President & CEO.

2003 – Present
Manage all aspects of an independent consultancy. Define project scopes and objectives, negotiate and provide ongoing support for clients including Veolia, TransDev, Cabot Microelectronics, University of Chicago Medical Center, Roosevelt University, Stepan Company, AIM Manufacturing, Ada S. McKinley, Rockwell Collins, Siemens Diagnostics, Northridge Holdings, Ltd., Awana, ADP Dealer Services and others.

2014 – Present
Adjunct Facility
Roosevelt University

Provide one-on-one coaching for emerging leaders and women in leadership for development and advancement purposes. Facilitate High Impact Leadership courses with a focus on leadership development skills.

1993 – 2003
Instructional Designer – Manager / Project Manager / Performance Improvement Consultant
Corporate Dynamics, Inc. – Naperville, IL

Delivered performance consulting and training services to clients across industries including telecommunications (Motorola, Lucent, Nextel and American Wireless), financial services (Liberty State Bank and Pershing Financial Services) and healthcare (Edward Hospital and Midwest Heart Association). Developed management development programs, frontline sales and customer service trainings. Coordinated and conducted surveys and focus group interviews. Created proprietary products such as referral marketing, tele-sales kits and strategic planning sessions.


Coding Skill


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